Design Is Key

A well designed extension, renovation or conversion with great spaces, materials and light can create a truly inspired home tailored to your family. We help you realise your own ideas to their full potential. Well designed house extensions maximise your enjoyment and increase the value of your property.

This is often the one chance so it is important that you give it maximum thought and explore all the possible solutions.

Think about your lifestyle. Do you like open spaces or smaller cosier areas where you can shut out the world? The kitchen is often a central part of family life during the day so how will that relate to the other areas? How often do you entertain, and what priority should that have over the rest of your relaxed living time?

What are your long term plans for the property? Can you phase the work over several years and just focus on the immediate need now? Is it worth designing and getting approval for a whole scheme now but initially only proceeding with the first phase?

If your house is terraced or similar to others in it’s street it may be possible to visit other properties to see what they have done so you can visualise the spaces.
Even the best design is always a compromise; there is unlikely to be a perfect solution that ticks all the boxes.

Begin scouring home design magazines found in newsagents and collect pages that grab you. They will often have online articles that allow access to a wide range of design ideas and images.

Why not visit the Royal Institute of British Architects bookshop in Portland Place, London? They have a good collection of books devoted to the extension and refurbishment of houses. If your property is in the London area, you may find a project that has been carried out on a residence like yours as much of London’s housing stock is similar.

Draw up a list of what’s important to you and keep all cuttings so that you can give us an indication of your own personal taste.